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3D drawings available for all types of applications

3D drawings for reference, presentations or visualisation

Wessex Technical can produce your 3D drawing requirements. 3D drawings and models can be used as reference for planning or for use on websites, in presentations in image format or video. The 3D models and images can be sectional to give more detail into build information.
Please call us for more information on our 3D service at Wessex Technical on 01963 31247 or email us here.

3D Drawings

3D drawing of an American barn stable unit

3D drawings can be used to show the detail in the unit being built.
Please call us for more information about 3D drawings on 01229 837763 or email us hereRemember we are not restricted to the 3D world of tools, nuts, bolts and buildings, we can produce 3D images and animations of almost any object. Contact us to see if we can get your objects into 3D so that you can have them printed aor use in almost any application or advertising situation.

3D stable unit on 2D drawing

3D From 2D

3D drawings can be an extension of the 2D drawing for planning applications giving a detailed look into the build type, materials used and before and after models of buildings used for a second or new purpose. Please call us for more information on 3D drawings on 01963 31247or email us here
You can see some of our 3D models here.

Stable unit

3D Modeling

3D modeling is available for all types of components from gate latches, bolts and buildings to sales products and every day items, give us a call to find out how to get your components from drawing or physical item to a 3D model. We also supply and sell 3D drawings and models ready for most applications. Wessex Technical can also produce the 3D models of your products and animate them for use in any way required. 3D drawings are available in most formats including AutoCAD and AutoCAD Fusion 360.
You can contact us on 01963 31247 or email us here.

stable unit with no roof

Hook for door hinge
  Window with vent
 Hing complete for large door


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