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Planning Application Information For Timber Buildings

What Do I Need For Planning Applications?

There are several things required for most planning applications of timber buildings and the first in our opinion is contact with your local planning department. This should be done in most cases to ensure that you do not require any special documents or information. These type of documents may be required if you are planning to build within a National Park, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, World Heritage Site, Conservation Areas and so on, you will also be in for possibly a long haul and lots of paperwork in these areas.
For full information on outbuildings requirements you can also visit the planning portal
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Standard Requirements

Site Plans (Block Plan)

You will almost definitely require location plans and a site plan also known as a block plan. These are available through us or you can get your own through sites like StreetWise, before getting your own site and location plans, make sure you know what you need. Site plans need to be at 1:100, 1:200 or 1:500 depending on site and planning office requirements. This will show, if required, buildings, roads, footpaths on land including access arrangements, any public rights of way crossing the site, positions of trees, hard surfaces and extent and boundary walls or fencing where this is proposed. North arrows are also included.

Location Plans

A location plan must be 1:1250 or 1:12500 for larger sites and should show roads and or buildings on land adjoining the application site. it will show the application site boundaries and land required for accessing the site in red. A blue outline is then added for any other land or property belonging to the applicant close to the property.

Elevation Plans

Elevation Plans are required as part of the application so the planning department can see what you intend building. Our drawing services can supply you with drawings at the correct scale and with detailed information about the building. We will contact your planning department to make sure we supply what they require in the elevation drawings. We have supplied elevation drawings all over the UK and some parts of the UK require immense detail added to the drawings with backed up information.

Floor Plans

Groundwork (floor plans) plans are mostly needed for the ground-workers to prepare the bases for the building and not often required for planning, they will in some cases be required if supplying the site with any services like water or electricity. We can supply brick and floor plan layouts for your ground-workers to use in conjunction with the company building the unit.

Application Form For Planning

The application form is not that difficult to fill in and in a standard new build of an outbuilding you will probably find not all pages or sections will apply to you. Fill in the form correctly and make sure you have the right one, there are several. I have always found planning departments quite helpful so don't be afraid of contacting them.

How Do They Want It Supplied?

Some planning departments will accept every thing or some information via email but some require several copies of all documents, so check with them.

Will I Have To Supply More?

This will depend on the area you live in and the planning office being dealt with, if in a National Park, Conservation Area and so on you will be required to supply a lot more information.

Heritage Statements

In some cases a Heritage Statement will be required, this is usually for Conservation areas and the like. This will require a trip to the library, local records office or get an expert to do it.

Flood Reports

It is also possible that a Flood Report for your area of build will be required, this will involve us or you involving an expert in this field to produce the report. You do not need to live in a conservation area for a flood report, if the planning know of reason of any flooding in your area they will ask for it. A denial of planning could be partly to do with your application so make sure you get the application form and relevant information correct.

Further Information

For more information on planning applications for outbuildings and other building planning applications visit the Planning Portal Website.

Do I Need Planning Permission

The short answer is Yes you do, planning is required for all sorts of buildings even green houses and sheds in some cases. The planning system is a complicated one and if not respected will turn on you. Imagine this, your neighbor who you have got on well with for the last 20 years suddenly puts up a shed in their garden, it blocks your view and blocks light out of your window. What are you going to do, fall out with them, in most cases you will put up with it to not cause problems. Not really fair is it, planning is there to stop situations just like this. If we didn't have planning authorities we would be in a right old mess so don't go ahead until you know, its better than having to take it down.


A lot of stables are built under the impression that it is agricultural, it usually is not. this is a definite check with the planning department to get the end result right. Just because it is on a sledge to move it around does not make it mobile or agricultural, it could be a change of use.


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