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Elevation Drawings, Block & Site Plans

Drawing Pricing

Pricing for elevation drawings will depend on several aspects - drawing page quantities, drawing sizes, (print costs), line or colour, type of building and the planning department being dealt with. Call on 01229 837763 or email for a free quotation for your planning drawing.

Prices below are a guide and are for standard timber building planning application drawings and are subject to change. All drawing costs include 1 revision of work only.

Elevation Drawings

Elevation drawings for planning applications are produced to a recognised scale and are available in most formats and sizes.

Elevation Drawing Pricing

Elevation drawing set to scale for standard applications, (1 A3+ sheet 329mm x 483

From £295.00

Elevation drawing set to scale for national parks & conservation areas, (1 A3+ sheet 329mm x 483

From £345.00

Printing cost for drawings requiring sizes above A3+

From £ POA

Site Plans

Site plans will be required by the planning department before any planning permission will go ahead. This will usually involve preparing for the planning department a location plan and site plan (also known as a block plan). A location plan shows the proposal in its surrounding context. A site plan shows the development in more detail. You will need to check with your local planning office to see exactly what they will require for your particular application.

A location plan is in metric, to the scale of 1:1250 1:12500 for larger sites showing roads, and or buildings on land adjoining the application site. It will show the application site boundaries and land required for accessing the site outlined in red. A blue outline is then added for any other land or property belonging to the applicant close to the property.

The site plan will be drawn at a scale of 1:100, 1:200 or 1:500 depending on site and planning office requirements. This will show, if required, buildings, roads, footpaths on land including access arrangements, any public rights of way crossing the site, positions of trees, hard surfaces and extent and boundary walls or fencing where this is proposed. North arrows are also included.
Site plans and location plans are dealt with together and a site fee is charged for measuring and gathering details.
Call us for more information on 01963 31247 or email us here.
An application assistance service is available in most cases and prices start from £165.00. Full standard application including submission to your planning department start at £285.00 for a standard application

Site Plan

Site plan and location plan with required details added.

From £185.00

£295.00 With drawn Site Plans

One off site fee
(measure & information)
Local site, see details below.


Our services are available all over the UK, please contact us for further information on site visit prices for your area.

Local area is a 25 mile radius of Wincanton

Brick Layouts & Groundwork

Brick layouts and groundwork area plans are produced for the building trade where they are working on groundwork for the building manufacturers as some manufacturers have specific sizes and measurements for their bases and layout types and also bespoke sizes for customer requirements.

A brick layout is printed on A3 or A3+ paper and emailed to the customer this will contain all sizes and measurements for the base and brick layout according to the manufacturer you are using. Call us for more information on 01963 31247 or email us here.

Brick Layout

Brick and base layout plan on A4 - A3+ (329mm x 483mm)
drawn to a suitable scale.

From £140.00


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